When it’s a been a hard week…

We went on a bit of an adventure today.

The last week has been a very hard one. Squirrel and I are bucking heads more often than not, it seems, and this makes for long, weary days for Mama and child both. We still have fun and we still try to make up after each incident of disobedience or wayward curiosity. But…it’s draining.

I take comfort in the fact that surely other mamas know what I’m talking about. That many other mamas, if not all of them(?), have had these run-ins with their child(ren) that makes them wonder if they’ve done everything wrong from the beginning, and if there’s nothing left that can undo the character flaws in said child(ren).

And they especially wonder if it’s not the child(ren)’s fault at all, but ours alone.

All this confusion and sadness and doggone brick-wall-madness can make for very trying and relentless mental strain, even bewilderment for Mama.

One of the best remedies is breaking the cycle of daily routine with a mere outing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just a ride in the car with Mom seeing the outside world and feeding the imagination. For us, today, that meant grabbing a bite to eat (who can resist French fries, really?) and watching the traffic; dropping into Michael’s Art & Crafts Store to see the Christmas decorations–we snagged some cookie making supplies while we were at it, because…cookies; and then we topped it off with a nice “jaunt” down a mile trail at Cross Lake Farm with a local homeschool group we just discovered.

It was rainy and wet and Squirrel wouldn’t STOP jumping in the muddy puddles that she wasn’t dressed to be splashing in, but…

…we got to play in the rain,

…we met new friends,

…Squirrel got her energy out,

…Mama got some much-needed exercise,

…we got to feed goats,

…we got to throw rocks in the lake (the best, right?),

…and…we’re now exhausted and sleepy, the good sort of warm-tired you have when you get home from an afternoon excursion with the people you love best.

Mamahood is hard. So is life. But we can harness those happy moments inside the hard times, and choose to remember them instead.

That’s what I choose.

How about you, mama? What happy moment can you choose to hold onto from this long hard week? Share in the comments, or on my Instagram.

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