If you’re a mom in 2021…

Mamas, it’s time for us to be bold.

Our way of life, that “good way” outlined by God from before time began, where men and women conceived with one partner and had children, where they took their new role as father and mother seriously and courageously, where their children respected their parents’ authority and their parents gave grace to their children for being children…

…that way of life is under attack. It’s been under attack for decades, but not until recently have we seen the enemy’s plan so boldly.

Women of previous generations have complained that they don’t get to “go out” and do the work of men–the brave stuff, the bold stuff, the fighting in the mud courageous stuff of legend and history books. We merely have to suffer quietly in the four walls of the home and stay quiet and insignificant.

Thus says the Lord:
“Stand by the roads, and look,
    and ask for the ancient paths,
where the good way is; and walk in it,
    and find rest for your souls…”

(Jeremiah 6:16)

Oh, how wrong they were! And how wrong you are if you think this way of yourself and your role as mama!

YOU are the one who fashions and shapes the warriors of tomorrow. YOU are the one who cultivates and grows up those great minds and souls that shape our history. It’s not the dirty diaper you’re changing; it’s the patience with which you do it. It’s not the math problem you explain for the fourth time; it’s the wiped-away tears and kind face you give to your struggling student. It’s not the dirty kitchen you clean yet again; it’s the comfort of a clean, consistent safe place for the tired souls that trudge through the door every evening.


YOU, mama, are the single-most important person in your child’s life. In your husband’s. In your parents’. Your ability to make and keep peace in the midst of the chaos that the world “out there” creates is your unique gift bequeathed to you by your Maker. You are not insignificant. If you were not there, their world would collapse.

Never forget that.

Let’s be bold, mamas. Let’s take back the motherhood of this nation and be bold in it. Be proud of your uniqueness as.a.woman. Let’s study those “old ways,” the ones that have held our nation and our very world up for thousands of years. Let’s be active in our homes and communities, like the mamas of old who have been pushed back into the annals of history…but who have actually had the most lasting influence.

We don’t have to be perfect at it. But if we don’t try, our daughters and sons will reap the consequences.

This is our time, mamas. God has set His Esthers here for such a time s this. And He will give the special grace needed for the silent but all-important battle we lead in the home.

Let’s choose to stay strong with the strength that HE gives, and, to coin a phrase…make motherhood great again!

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