Waiting for the mail…

Next week I will be watching the mailbox like a little child waits for Christmas Eve. With all the anxiety and turmoil going on outside our home, Husband and I have decided to start storing up in our emergency pantry with a concentrated vengeance. Not panic buying or hoarding, mind you, but being goal-oriented and really focusing on making good long-term purchases each time we go to the grocery store.

Having a backup pantry with couple months’ worth of food and supplies is just one way we can practice being “wise as serpents.” Ultimately if the country was to go into lockdown again, or we had to quarantine, or the Northeast gets hit with a monstrously snowy winter, it would God we would be relying upon for protection and strength to get through it. But…He does tell us to utilize the means He provides to the best of our ability as an acting out of our faith in His preservation.

The key, of course, is making sure the supplies last. So, when he gave me the green light to look for a good vacuum sealer, I was all over it. I’ve watched more videos on prepping and sealing than I ever thought I would! What is most effective? What is most economical? Can I do mason jars as well, or do I need another appliance for that? What foods can you seal? Is there another preservation method I haven’t seen yet?

There are a lot of questions for a simple purchase, sometimes.

But, I finally settled on one, and now I just have to wait for it to show up. It’s funny how when you hit your 30s, you suddenly find excitement in getting a practical gift, like a vacuum or a blender. (Or the food processor Hubby just bought for my birthday last week!) Perhaps it’s because you see how it actually makes your work easier or more effective, and if you want to be a good wife and mom, there are some tasks you really just want to make easier…

With this sealer, I can do a lot more buying in bulk, which is one of my favorite things to do. (I am a bargain hunter, let me tell you. Finding the cheapest price for grass-fed meat is one of my favorite pastimes, it seems…)

Do you buy in bulk? Where are your favorite places to buy? And have you tried vacuum sealing???

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