Fifteen minutes in the sun

I’ve been working our sun room this week. It’s really the main living room of the house, though that was not its original purpose. The windows are so beautiful, though, and let in so much light and natural scenery to our woods, that it’s become the favorite place for our family (and guests) to hang out. In most cleaning schedules, a sun room would probably be one of the last places you tend to, but I’ve decided that, for us, it needs to be one of the first. It is truly gorgeous.; we never have a guest leave the house without commenting on how beautiful a space it is. And believe me, that’s not from any decorating or housework on my part. The view will leave you stunned for a few moments when you look out and see the literal forest that is behind our home, and all the nature and animals you can catch in the trees and underbrush.

This room truly is a place the Lord graced us with when He led the way to this house.

But it is a bear to keep up with when it comes to cleaning…

I’ve only just begun my zone chores in earnest this year. (If you’ve never heard of “zones,” click here.) I have always had problems following FLy Lady Marla’s program when I got down to this part of the schedule, probably because I never quite clicked with her personality’s way of organizing things. Nothing against her, just differences in how our brains work. Thankfully my morning routines are pretty well set, and the afternoon is coming, but I’ve still been feeling that I haven’t been cleaning as much as I need to in order for my day to qualify as a day of housework.

So this year, I tried the FlyLady system again and this time found Diane. We are much more similar in personality and mind-organization, and her tweaks to the program are just what I’ve been needing. I highly recommend you find her on YouTube and follow her immediately, as well as read her blog for and inspiration. What a sweet, amazing lady!

The power of 15 minutes, Diane emphasizes, really is something in the housewife’s day. For me, the sun room is reiterating that afresh this week. There are thirteen windows in this room–thirteen!–and unfortunately, they all need cleaning every once in a while. I procrastinate on these so badly, because they really are a lot of work to do thoroughly by oneself. BUT…just setting my timer for fifteen minutes and doing two or three a day has really helped me turn this day-long project into manageable chunks…and thus, the job actually gets finished. I have about half of them left to do this week, which will feel so wonderful when I can call them “done”!

And it’s not just about checking something off my to-do list; that alone really isn’t worth it in the long run. It will be satisfying because I will know that our home is a little cleaner and little healthier, a little more cozy and little more honoring to God because I didn’t quit and I sought to steward His gifts properly. THAT will feel so good. ❤

What is the one chore you procrastinate on? Do YOU have a housekeeping system that you follow? Let’s chat in the comments.


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