About Me

Hi, I’m Veronika.

Life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about aiming for perfection…and settling for excellence.

We all want to be that perfect YouTube mom with the homestead, the remedy for every ailment, and the homeschooling wisdom of someone three times our age.

But the truth is, we’ll never get “there,” because “there” is an illusion of our own making. No mom is perfect. Not even those incredibly crunchy, homestead-y, get-their-act-together types.

This blog is designed to encourage moms (and dads) to keep striving toward our traditional living goals…while having peace and knowledge that we don’t have to have it altogether or be perfect. (If you know the One Person who IS, you’re already well on your way.) Here you’ll find helps on your homemaking journey, with focuses on herbal remedies and health, housekeeping, and of course home education.

I am a homemaker and mother of a single, bouncy, bubbly, ever-curious kindergartner, and former freelance editor & entrpreneur. My roots are in the south, but when I met my hard-working, wise, and fun-loving husband, I let go my dream to live in Kentucky forever, and relocated to New York state. We now live in a little village near the Finger Lakes region, where we love to hike, fellowship with our church & homeschool group, visit farmers markets & fishing spots, and endure the harsh winters with a good suspense movie or old time classics.

(We also love books, and a good glass of wine or coffee. )

I’m Veronika, and this is my mamahood journey. Glad to have you along for the ride, friend. đŸ˜˜


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