Fifteen minutes in the sun

I’ve been working our sun room this week. It’s really the main living room of the house, though that was not its original purpose. The windows are so beautiful, though, and let in so much light and natural scenery to our woods, that it’s become the favorite place for our family (and guests) to hang […]

Waiting for the mail…

Next week I will be watching the mailbox like a little child waits for Christmas Eve. With all the anxiety and turmoil going on outside our home, Husband and I have decided to start storing up in our emergency pantry with a concentrated vengeance. Not panic buying or hoarding, mind you, but being goal-oriented and […]

If you’re a mom in 2021…

Mamas, it’s time for us to be bold. Our way of life, that “good way” outlined by God from before time began, where men and women conceived with one partner and had children, where they took their new role as father and mother seriously and courageously, where their children respected their parents’ authority and their […]

When it’s a been a hard week…

We went on a bit of an adventure today. The last week has been a very hard one. Squirrel and I are bucking heads more often than not, it seems, and this makes for long, weary days for Mama and child both. We still have fun and we still try to make up after each […]

I’m Veronika, and I am a perfectionist

The fact that I have started many blogs in the past and not finished them is proof positive of what I’m about to tell you. I am a perfectionist. Okay, not the OCD, alphabetizing, perfectly-aligned-shoe-rack type perfectionist that has everyone on pins and needles every waking moment. I’m a closet perfectionist. The perfectionist roars inside […]

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